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The Slovácký krúžek from Brno

The Slovácký krúžek - folklore group is one of the oldest groups of such kind on the territory of the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1908 as a free association of students from the Eastern Moravia region. The same applies to the present situation. The core of the group consist of young people who come to Brno to make their studies there. In its performance the "Slovácký krúžek" group shows the folk culture of the "Moravské Slovácko" region, i. e. the South-Eastern Moravia, which is famous especialy of rich and still living folklore traditions, and the variety of bright colour costumes the common people wear till present times there. When performing on the stage the members of the dancing group, the men's and women's choir as well as the musicians are dressed in three different kind of costumes. Solo performers can show you another 27 various types of costumes of the region they represent.

Activities of the Slovácký krúžek - folklore group consist not only in stage performances on domestic festivals and abroad. There are miscellaneous programmes prepared by the club management, targeted to the public, such as the balls and meetings "at the dulcimer's", where everyone who wants it can come together with another people, and take part in dancing, singing and playing. Meetings as such are accompanied mostly with a supplementary program, the mood of which is unique for any specific appoint ment, which also can be seen on the titles, e.g. "Wine and Dine", "St. Clause's", "Christmas Feast", "Cucumber's Taste", "Wine Taste", "Plum Brandy Taste"...

Performances of Slovácký krúžek, carried on in the city of Brno, combine both the men's and women's songs, presented by solo singers and the choir, presentation of dances featured in pairs or by men or women only, scenes of habitual life and self-contained presentations of the music band. All this can be combined to a whole-evening program, or only a part of which that sometimes is desired by organisers of undertakings, who are using Slovácký krúžek's performances as an cultural introduction to their projects. Slovácký krúžek performs both in halls and outdoors, having a very experienced staff of performers who are able to make people laugh and who even can involve the visitors in common entertainments.

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